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Conhost.exe is a type of executable file consisting of numerous ongoing process, large number of Console windows host process their commands in the command prompt windows is going on and you can easily view the details by clicking it in the task manager. You will be able to view the ongoing process in the command prompt like window and it is bulky which takes most of the CPU memory and space, it is generally related to the client server runtime system service where all the ongoing process are in command prompt window frame.

Is it Safe:

    • Open task manager.
    • Right click on the conhost.exe
    • Click on open file location.

These are the legal process which need not to be touched or paused, but if conhost.exe is not found at the above location then your server runtime file is not secured and all the ongoing process are not trustworthy, they may harm your pc and blocks the ongoing functioning of the system.

How to remove conhost.exe error?

Well it is a legit process and you need to be sure that the file you are using or accessed in your system must be trust worthy and good for use, you can check it by following the above process of checking that it is safe or not.

Fix: Reboot your PC.

Normal restart of the system will end the ongoing process and all the system files will get closed, restarting system will reopen those files and application giving this error conhost.exe may get solved by re-opening the system files.

Fix: Reinstall application.

Reinstall the application giving this error , sometimes the application installed in our pc lost its files due to which it gives error while opening. Try checking this fix if error conhost.exe is solved or not.

Fix: Pending Windows updates

If there are any pending update in the windows settings > update and security > update, check if there are pending updates and if any then update and check if this error conhost.exe is fixed or not.

Fix: Repair corrupted system files

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Enter sfc /scannow in the prompt window.

System will automatically initiate a scan process where all the system files will be checked and found out the corrupted one, if there is any corrupted file than it will be displayed and get repaired on its own by replacing the specific file by another using cache memory. System need a restart to make the changes takes place and after that this error conhost.exe should be fixed, if not jump to another solution.

Fix: Wipe out the virus infection.

Windows update investigate the installed programs and take a look of all the threats or any program creating issues or problems in the system. If any issues are reported then window update process comes up with specific error code which have one or more fixes according to installed version in different systems. All you have to do is go into your windows panel and search for the installed antivirus and do system scan, this will be time taking process but all the programs affecting the system will be cleaned and wipe. This will help you to clean your system and keep away all the threats and infections causing errors to windows, restart the installation process and check if the error conhost.exe is resolved or not.

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